The Incentives

IIT(ISM), Dhanbad is one of the premier institutes of India amongst league of competent IITs. Lack of media outreach leave outlanders in dubiety, we serve to fix this!


Internal machinery at IIT Dhanbad, excels in motive they possess, but with limited reach alienates outlanders. We bridge the disjoint worlds making it worth brandishing.


Serving our purpose of mirroring activities to outside realm backed by not tinkering with the articles we publish under anybody's influence.


Our small team cannot gaze every perils or elated moments. We are open to contributors who think they can render our purpose even anonymously,


It's not all we have, we had a hard time choosing these three fields amongst long list of assest IIT Dhanbad possess in its arsenal.
Functional Societies

Functional Societies

Clubs & NGO

Amongst many functional socieities at IIT Dhanbad. Clubs for every passion prevails and NGO for the ameliorating of the host - Dhanbad,



Technical, Cultural, Departmental

One of best recreation happens around fests organized by students they vary by incentives. Broadly they are technical, cultural, departmental, one by clubs etc.



Placements, Startups, Internships

It's hard for IIT to be void of academics as its asset. Rich history of over 90+ years graces its existence by legacy in academics.


Bringing you campus buzz with some of our own tidbits,

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