Welcome Freshers! Congratulations on clearing JEE advanced. By the end of first month, freshers are expected to adjust to the environment of IIT Dhanbad. All of the sudden you will be on your own solely and will experience hostel life if you haven’t been once. I know you might feel daunting by experience through this treacherous passage of your life, But believe me as soon as you adapt to these nuances, you will enjoy your freedom and relieved stress of JEE. This post will help provide you with best practices to score 10 GPA and be a 10 pointer at IIT Dhanbad. I bet you’ll be one of the celebrity whose name will be over the head of educators, batch-mates, seniors and girls too 🙂 . Besides, you’ll be in perfect position to land a high paying job during placements or internship. You can also apply for a branch change application if  you’re unsatisfied with your current branch.

Salvage your studying habits! You are amongst top students of India in top tier IIT whose legacy is over 90 years old. You are no dull and I believe you continue practicing habits not as vigorously as you did in JEE but somewhat to the extent you feel comfortable with your grades.


10 GPA myths

Let me clarify the heading it its hurting your common sense. To be 10 pointer you must score 10.0 or A+ grade in all courses in the first year. To score an A+ in a course you must be within 10% range of the toppers marks, thanks to relative grading. But you aren’t man of chances scoring 91/100 in a course will suffice for your desired grade. That’s means it’s easy to use this greedy approach to score a perfect 10.0 GPA.

According to vox populi, 10 GPA is an herculean task though it is hard but exaggerated. Scoring 91 marks does not seems to be herculean task. You don’t need to be topper in every course and even topper doesn’t score full marks, but very close like 99. This reduces target score by one mark. All you have to do is survive the hardship created by topper’s marks.


Diplomatic Approach

No, I don’t mean to sue faculty for 10 GPA. All I want is to formulate few guidelines you must follow to achieve good grades. These are experiment and some even are extracted from perilous events. I am gonna break it down to the category it belongs – Practicals, Classroom Performance, Activities.

Classroom Performance

If there is a measure to compare you then it is it. Classroom performance is of out-most importance. You can check your progress day by day by cross checking how deeply you understand the concept taught at lecture. If you understand it well then hurray! Alas, go to your room finish what you need to understand and resume the fun. Lectures will be stacked over concepts from previous lecture, you must understand before layering on. Faulty base might fall by weight of your expectations. Here’s what you can do –

  • Listen attentively to the lecturer solving your doubts as they pop up. Make habit of taking note of oral information which is not written on board.
  • If your class is a tutorial class, isolate into peace and solve questions as they appear. You will not get another experience as duplicating as in tutorial class. Tutorials of Mathematics and Electronics are important, make sure you do them.
  • Solve in class questions, don’t procrastinate to save it for later.
  • Don’t argue with faculty, don’t make them frustrate. They have unquestioned authority over your grades.
  • During lecture some faculty even rewards attendee by spilling ‘important’ topics for the exams. Consider taking them seriously.

This way you’ll be in good eyes of the faculty which can help you in future prospects. You must selflessly respect your Gurus, that what Indian ethics is all about, huh?


Never miss early morning practical. To wake up early for few days a week won’t affect you adversely rather opposite is true.  Knowledge in practical domain will make you a good engineer (reason for IITs).

  • Knowing how to perform every practical regardless of the group’s involvement will help you at the time of exam.
  • You’ll be asked in exams to describe specification of apparatus you experimented with, try paying attention to details to avoid pitfalls.
  • Keep your lab manual up-to-date. Any unchecked experiment beyond the submission date can be a nightmare.
  • Don’t fake data and neatly record your journal. There are high chances that you will be caught and punished to redo the experiment.


One hindrance to 10 GPA is the cramming of notes till minutes before exam, instead you must sleep sufficiently for 8 hours. Don’t rely on short term memory to pass the exam which you’ll need in future in field. Complete your syllabus beforehand maybe a week before exams would be ideal. You don’t want to increase the odds by staying up all night.

After the exams, there will be display of answer sheets. Don’t miss it for some stupid reason, you have put great efforts into the course and justified evaluation is must. Sometimes, there are mistakes while correcting answer sheets like unchecked question, allotment in marks etc. You know that, things that happen in senior secondary boards



There are some experiences which provide us are necessary in journey for achieving 10 GPA. But every now and then these pitfalls which revolve around us deprecates the GPA.

  • Don’t experiment something at exam like over night study, empty stomach,
  • Being sleep deprive before exam is just shooting yourself on foot, just before glory.
  • Don’t argue with faculty, even for marks (while evaluating answer sheets)!. If you offend them in any way, you must not hesitate for forgiveness.
  • Involve in clubs, fests & events as much you can handle. Don’t push yourself too hard over the activities of your clubs. It can fix lower grades.
  • SPORTS: Make sure you take part in them and attend regularly to the training. They carry weightage of 3 credit hours. Sports office won’t hesitate you giving C+ or D at the end of year, impacting your grade severely.
  • LABS: Since the credit for labs are only 1.5, you might interpret fairly to neglect it! Alas, if you do that then you will miss an easy grade over small minimal efforts.


You might wanna need resources for surviving first year or scoring 10 GPA. We have compiled materials over the years and placed it in a Github repository. Course might be lengthy but IIT Dhanbad doesn’t ask very tough question in examination, so those notes might suffice the need for reference. We have also included past year papers, syllabus, tutorials, reference books, lecture videos etc.

Consider sharing the article. It takes deep insight to put forth carefully crafted thousand words blended with simplicity.

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