After squabbling for months with the Administration of IIT Dhanbad by the students of computer science and engineering, here comes the notification for branch change rules for IIT Dhanbad.  Were there any changes in the new branch change rules? Did the effort of CSE guys went down the drains? What will the CSE strength be? What are the branch change rules of IIT Madras, IIT Bombay? Read to find out.



Rules effective from 2017

Change of branch is an academic incentive to the students to perform well in the initial incubative year at the institution. It also facilitates them to change their professional profile, having realized their inclination and potential once directly exposed to the various options available. Change of branch will be considered at the end of second semester based on the performance in the first and second semester examinations. Change of branch between B.Tech, Dual Degree and Integrated programmes is permissible subject to the following

  1. Students must not have passed any semester through special examination or by repeating the semester.
  2. Students must have obtained at least 7.5 GPA out of 10, considering both first and second semesters. However, SC/ST and PD candidates with a minimum of 6.5 GPA out of 10 can apply for change of branch in their respective categories. Change of branch will be made strictly as per merit. In case of a tie, it will be resolved by considering the JEE (Advanced) rank of the applicants.
  3. While permitting change of branch the strength of a branch should not exceed by more than 15% of the sanctioned strength of the receiving department or fall below 50% of the sanctioned strength of the donor department.
  4. Students who complete both first and second semesters in all respects and obtain GPA above 9.00 considering both first and second semesters together and/or secure rank within top 1% of the successful students (without special examination or repeating first or second semesters) of the batch shall be allowed to change to the branch of their choice irrespective of conditions stipulated at (3). The eligibility criteria as stipulated at (1) and (2) will however apply.


Any need of revision?


Tiff amongst the Administration of IIT Dhanbad and the students of Computer Science and Engineering department who made administration to revise the rules after ISM to IIT conversion. According to the CSE guys there are around 200+ students in CSE out of which 87 were branch changers. This spike in number of students led to split of the batch into two sections making department difficult to handle such strength as there are only 15 faculty, which made student to faculty ratio worse. Supplemented by rules of other IITs, for example those of IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and other old IITs. Placements was the major concern amongst students because of the increased number that would offer more competition.


Branch Change rules at IIT Bombay


Students are eligible to apply for a change of branch/programme after completing the first two semesters  and before the start of the third semester.

  • The Eligibility Criteria for applying for a change of branch / programme are:
    1. completion of the prescribed course credits in the first two semesters
    2. no backlog at the end of the first year
    3. secured a CPI of:
      • At least 8 for general and OBC category students;
      • and at least 7 for SC, ST and PD category students.
    1. Before beginning the allocation, additional seats are made available in each branch, limited to a maximum of 10% of its sanctioned strength.
    2. While students are allotted seats of general and reserved type during admission, this data is not used during branch change. Each available seat may be occupied by students of any category. For students of SC/ST/PD category, concession in eligibility criteria is given as per rule 1.
  •  An eligible student’s request for a shift from branch A to branch B will be considered valid
    if any one of the following two sets of criteria are satisfied.

    • Set 1
      1. the CPI of the student is at least 9
      2. there is a seat available in Branch B
    • Set 2
      1. There is a seat available in Branch B
      2. The strength in branch A, from which a change is being sought, does not fall below its sanctioned strength by more than 25%.
      3. there is no student with higher CPI who is currently being denied a change of branch to “B” due to rule 2 of set 2.


Among all valid requests, a student with the highest CPI is chosen and a shift performed. If a student with CPI x is shifted from branch A to branch B then every student with CPI x with a request for branch B will be shifted to branch B, even if their request violates ‘2’ above. If necessary, extra seats will be created to accommodate them. Shifts as above are performed as long as there are valid requests.
Note that even though a student may have been allotted a seat of lower preference earlier due to unavailability of a seat of higher preference, his/her request for the higher preference seat may become valid later because of availability of seats.

  • All branch transfers can be effected only once at the beginning of the second academic year. No application for change of branch during the subsequent academic years will be entertained.
  • Students may be permitted to change from B.Tech. to Dual Degree Programme in the same department   at   the   end   of   third   and   fourth   semesters   subject   to   the   department’s recommendations.


Branch Change rules at IIT Madras

Change of branch may be permitted subject to the following:

  1. Such change will be considered only at the end of the first semester. The performance during the first semester will be the basis for consideration for change of branch.
  2. All students who have successfully completed the first semester of the course, except Engineering Design Dual Degree students, will be eligible for consideration for change of branch, subject to the availability of vacancies.
  3. In making a change of branch, the strength of a class should not fall below the existing strength by more than ten percent and should not go above the sanctioned strength by more than ten percent. For this purpose, the strength in both cases refers to the total strength of the students in the class.
  4. However, a minimum of one student will be eligible for consideration for change of branch from each discipline at the end of the first semester, irrespective of the regulation 3
  5. If a student with a higher GPA is not offered a particular branch because of other constraints, this should not be offered to any other students with a lower GPA even if he/she is eligible on the basis of the existing norms.
  6. Change of specialization will be considered in Dual Degree progrmme within the department where there are more than one specialization, at the end of 6 th semester (at the end of 4 12 th semester in the case of Dual Degree in Engineering Design), subject to the following norms:
    1. Students should obtain minimum CGPA of 6.5 at the end of 6 semester.
    2. Students should not have any backlog at the end of the 6 semester
    3. Strength in the specialization should not fall by more than 10%.
    4. Request for change of specialization should be sent for approval to the Dean (AC) e. In the case of dual degree programmes (offered jointly by two departments i.e. AE/AM, CE/AM, EE/AM, NA/AM), consent of both the HoDs to be obtained by the students.
  7. Change over from 4­year B.Tech programme to 5­year Dual Degree programme is permitted within the same Department at the end of the sixth semester, provided a student meets the following criteria:• Should have a minimum of 6.5 CGPA at the end of 6 semester• Should not have any backlog courses• The strength in the particular B.Tech. discipline should not fall below the sanctioned strength by more than 10%.
  8. Dual degree students are not eligible for branch/ programme change to 4­year B.Tech programme.
  9. Change of branch rules is subject to revision from time to time and the decision of the Senate will be final and binding.


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