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Recently there’s been a buzz developing for Mathematics and Computing (also known as- mnc, m & c, mca, mathematics and computing, maths & computing ). It is one of new branches in IIT offering more than just an IIT tag, branch itself if varied by the content it offers at various IIT, according to specifications the type of degree offered and curriculum changes with every IIT. Here are the courses offered by IITs.

Bachelor of TechnologyIITD, IITH, IITG
Integrated Master of TechnologyIIT Dhanbad
Integrated Master of ScienceIITKGP
Bachelor and Master of TechnologyIITD, IIT(BHU)
Bachelor of ScienceIITK

Good or Bad, the thing is not all are same. There are variations in the curriculum as hinted by the degrees they provide. This is the only branch which has lots of variations amongst IITs. We will not be traversing and contrasting with the differences of each IITs and neither will be peeling off layers but rather presenting of concept behind this branch in general abstract way.



In a Nutshell


The curriculum for this program is designed to meet the need of sophisticated mathematics in modern scientific investigations and technological innovations. The programme has three components: mathematics, computing and financial engineering which are perfectly blended so that the strong mathematical and analytical components that are in-built in the curriculum form the basis on which the technological aspects of computing and finance are developed. Consequently, the programme, which is run by a team of committed faculty as instructors, produces a group of students with multiple skills in mathematics, computer science and financial engineering.

Though the programme is relatively new, its success has already been manifested through internships and job placements, and admissions for higher studies at premier institutions in the last three years. Many of the students have completed internship in industry, academia and financial institutions, both within India and abroad. The students are admitted through JEE at IITs.


What you’ll study


As said, Mathematics and computing is a joint course offered by Mathematics and Computer Science department you can expect many heavy courses from both sides to train you to be a perfect soldier in the battlefield of the placement grounds. Enough drama, here’s what you will study at IIT basically, but there may be variations in the some topic according to the course offered by IITs:

Computer Science

  • Data Structure and Algorithms – Theory & Lab
  • Digital Design
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Theory of Computation
  • Operating Systems – Theory & Lab
  • Data Communications
  • Computer Networks – Theory & Lab
  • Functional & Logic Programming*
  • Databases – Theory & Lab


  • Monte Carlo Simulation – Theory & Lab
  • Financial Engineering – I & II
  • Stochastic Calculus for Finance
  • Statistical Analysis of Financial Data
  • Computational Finance
  • Portfolio Theory and Performance Analysis*
  • Financial Risk Management and Modelling*


  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Probability Theory and Random Processes
  • Real Analysis
  • Modern Algebra
  • Scientific Computing – Theory & Lab
  • Optimization
  • Matrix Computations – Theory & Lab
  • Number Theory and Cryptography *
  • Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation




Here are the placements statistics that I have gathered from various IITs, Since it is fairly new branch at all IITs expect IIT Delhi and IIT Guhawati, there isn’t much progress but numbers are above average as those offered by the core branches.

As expected guys IIT Delhi are offered plum pay when comparing with other IITs in aspect of M&C. Following the leader board is IIT Guhawati showcasing 100% in 2016′ batch, and 18.22 lakhs as their average package. IIT Kharagpur offers no less competition to guys at IITG, It can be considered a tie between them in genereal. Meanwhile, IIT BHU and IIT(ISM) performs not at par with older IITs with average package being ~18 lakhs (INR) in IIT BHU and IIT(ISM) struggling for placements with maximum offer at 16 lakhs as per 2017’s placement statistics at IIT Dhanbad.

The conversion from ISM to IIT can bring improvements in the placements of IIT Dhanbad, institute’s had set up Placement cell at Kolkata and Delhi for easy recruitment by firms. Changes can be expected.

Future Prospects


You can expect to be getting placed pretty well like the CSE guys, companies recruiting for CSE opens its doors to M&C too, but not true vice versa because of companies like in finance, banking will make leverage for M&C guys. You can expect your future to be in:

  • Investment Banking
  • Financial and Business Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Quantitative and Financial Analysis
  • Information Technology
  • Research and Development


Testimonials / Reviews


We have gathered testimonials by the graduates of Mathematics and Computing from various IITs. Let’s hear them out.

  • “It is one of the most logical branches involving problem solving like JEE”
  • “The curriculum has been designed as a unique blend of industrial application oriented courses and pure mathematical concepts oriented courses to develop a holistic problem solving approach.”
  • “The range of study areas offered during the programme includes optimization, probability and stochastic processes, statistics, financial mathematics, pure mathematics, numerical analysis, differential equations, algorithms and programming, systems engineering, software engineering.”
  • “Owing to the ingenuity in the design of the course curriculum, competent faculty, state of the art facilities and the rigorous IIT grooming, the students have proved themselves as successful professionals in finance, quantitative research, operations research, analytics, IT and mathematical modeling.”
  • “Let the CS guys get placed in the first three days of placement and after that, we’ll get our chance for sure.”


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