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Srijan is the annual socio-cultural festival of Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad (IIT Dhanbad). Organized every year in March, Srijan is one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the Eastern India. Besides the soaring number of participants from host, Srijan also witnesses heavy participation from IIT-Kharagpur, Mesra and Sindri BITs and Jamshedpur, Patna and Warangal NITs.

The festival is a flamboyant platform for students to gain exposure and explore the diverse talents of today’s youth. The festival has had the privilege of hosting Star Nights, rock concerts and EDM Nights by both Indian and foreign artists.  Srijan is a splendid brew of fun, knowledge, excitement and ecstasy that brings alive the magnificent campus of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.





    1. Avalanche – The Rock Band competition – If you think your music is hard and heavy, we will have an audience that’s hot and sweaty. So what are you waiting for? Plug in your guitar and blow ‘em off with your earsplitting riffs.

    2. Unplugged – The Acoustic Band Competition – The event shall be a competition between bands performing self-composed or cover songs without aid of electrical music instruments.

    3. Aaroh – The Solo Singing Competition – The battle of tunes! Are you the one who gets music ringing inside your head? Are you the one who can’t resist humming the moment music is played? Surely the stage of Aaroh is your resort. Prove your mettle in the coveted event and rise to fame with this event.


    1. Hustle-Herd – The group dance competition – Cut–throat competition over the years has made ‘Hustle Herd’ one of the most sought- after and popular dance events. Hop on and mesmerize the crowd with your elegance, synchronization and style, and yeah! Don’t forget to bring along your stash of exuberance and energy with it.
    2. Footloose – The Solo Dance Competition – Footloose is ‘The Ultimate Solo Dance Face-off. It’s for those who think they can set ablaze the stage and steal the thunder, while others just sit and behold the phenomenal performances. This is undoubtedly the ultimate quest for the greatest of dancers.
    3. StreetBeats – The Street Dancing Competition – Street Beats is the dance event with no confined dance floor. Just get up to the music playing in the air, and dance it off. Street Beats is the one street dancing event where you can prove your mettle, and show the hustling-bustling crowd that you’ve got inside what it takes to be one hell of a Street Dancer.
    4. Reflection – Duo Dance Competition – Awe-inspire us with your chemistry and mesmerize us with your synchronization. Explore the versatile realm of duet dancing in this latest addition to the choreo events, Just Duet! Grab a partner, prepare a routine and compete to become the best dancing jodi. Note: There is no gender restriction whatsoever. There is only one round in this event. The couple will have to perform a prepared routine of maximum 3 minutes. Based on the performances, the results will be declared. There is no gender restriction. Two boys, two girls or one boy-one girl can participate as a pair.

    1. Rangmanch – The Stage Play Competion – If you think you can you can mesmerize the audience with acting, script, dialogues and sets – then Rangmanch is your call! It cannot get better than the annual stage play competition at Spring Fest. Once the stage is set and all is ready – it is show time!
    2. Halla Bol – The Nukkad Natak competition – Exploiting the power of a street gathering, Nukkads or street plays have been the medium of the voice of the people from time immemorial. Now be a part of this tradition and strive to bring about change by taking part in Nukkad, one of the most acclaimed street play competitions in India. It is time to break barriers so clear your voices, get ready for the action, drum it up, folks and let your message ring out loud!
    3. Khamoshi – The Mime Competition – “The art of mime encompasses all the feelings of the soul.” It’s the perfect time to bring out the silent actor hidden in you. We bring you a stage to perform this unique skills of your at your best and earn a honor of Mime Star from the Srijan’17 and earn prizes.
  • Literary & Speaking Arts

    1. ISM-MUN – Model United Nations – Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.
    2. Kavyanjali – Hindi Poetry Competition – How often have you had lyrics lingering in your mind, tickling your brain to pen it down? You seek a moment to scribble it, read it, cherish it, and then treasure it. At times your work is so impounding that you want to just shout it out loud. This Srijan, we give you the opportunity to pour your heart out in front of everyone. So, take your pens out of your scabbards and show us what you got….!!
    3.  Quriosity – Listen to your instincts, brainstorm your mind and use your knowledge and awareness to aim for victory.The Quizzing Event, consisting of a Sports, a TV Series & Entertainment and a General Quiz. The experience the joy of working out a question from scratch, the disappointment when you get it wrong and that epic feeling of being crowned champion.
    4. The Coffee Cup – English Poetry Competition – Ahoy! All poetic lads. Welcome aboard the ship that sails the river of thoughts and fights the chaotic emotions, to gently go through peaceful renditions. It’s the one place for all the budding poets to showcase their hidden maestros. Make sure that the arsenal is ready as the slams will be of a whole new and different level. Join us this Srijan’17 for the very first Poetry Slam of the college.
    5. Stand-up Comedy – We don’t forget to give all the young comedians out there a platform to tickle the audience with the best of their comic skills. Be the reason for all the giggles and laughs around, and more importantly, be the best of all and go home with a prize.
    6. Paperless Postcard – Want to know the secret of success behind numerous social media communities? Have a hidden desire to try hands at writing and make your works a source of popularity? Then come, it’s right here for you!
    7. One-on-one Debate– The event is a classic 1 on 1 debate. The language for the debate will be invariably English.
    8. Blogger of the month” is an event presented by Srijan and IsmDiaries in which participants can showcase their talent and skills in the field of blogging and can grab exciting prizes.
    9. Udghosh– So can your story spark a dream? If you dare to write; on my turf; with my rules; I, “Srijan” welcome you to my Hindi storytelling event, “Udghosh”. It is a team story telling competition. Each team will be given 5 minutes to narrate their story.

    1. Paridhaan – The fashion show: It has been the largest crowd-winner at Srijan every year. And this year, it’ll surpass everything that has ever been seen with respect to it. It is a typical fashion show where contingents consisting of 8-16 members, who will get a fixed time on the stage where they will have to perform their act, which is in accordance with their their theme.
    2. Campus Princess – Somewhat similar to great Miss India competition.
    3. Mr. & Mrs. Srijan

    1. Rang – Painting Competition – Let your passions play through your paintings at Srijan’17. Make use of Rang to create and exhibit the beauty of your thoughts and artistry of your hands WITHOUT BRUSHES. Participate to bring back all your childhood skills.
    2. Creative Canvas – FotoFreaks presents Creative Canvas, celebrating the greatness of the fine-art of Image Editing and Retouching one of the most important aspects of Digital Photography. A set of 6 images (in .RAW/.NEF/.CR2 format) will be provided by the organiser (A google drive link will be provided). The aim of the participants is to edit/retouch these images in the best and most creative way possible (ONLY USE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE LIGHTROOM).

    1. 100 Seconds – Film making competition – It is an online film making competition with no theme boundations.
    2. Mad-Ads – The explosion of craziness -Mad-Ads consider ads as advertisement or adventure. We have got both of it. A part of pre-Srijan competitions, Mad-Ads is a humorous, creative and “desi girl on the street” advertisement making event.
    3. SNAPPERS – Emotions are the zest of life and a photograph captures a thousand emotions. This wanderlust season grab a camera and capture those emotions. This is all you have to do. 1. Come and experience Srijan 2. Click Pictures of the various events happening in Srijan (It includes Decorations, campus, events) 3. Send those pictures to us(you can do post processing).
    4. Click-it – Get photozoned this time – A photo with awesome caption. It’s all about it.
  • Special Events

    1. Star Night – Endorsed with celebrity (TVF, Raftaar)
    2. DJ Night – DJ hard core themed night,
    3. Encore – A soft soothing music after tiresome day is all you’ll need at the end of the day.




20000 hearts in the air.  IIT Dhanbad (ISM). Thank You for all the love. Aapka Pyaar Hai Tabhi To __________. You know it.  Shukriyaa.

Chasing Love tour was off the hook. Thank you Srijan, IIT ISM Dhanbad , Can’t wait to be back.

Thank you for the love, IIT Dhanbad.
Candice Redding

Lovely memories. Loved the crowd. What enthusiasm !! Everything was PERFECT. Anytime Srijan calls, we’ll be ready to play. Simply phenomenal!!


Media Outreach

Srijan is extensively covered by the media. Internal media houses like Mailer Daemon and Lights Camera ISM encompass all the events, headlines in newspapers and online media sites are media partners of Srijan. Articles can be found with keyboard ‘ srijan’ in news in google news.


All the details of events were taken from official website of Srijan. Srijan was cancelled in 2016 because of internal politics and non availability of funds as they were processed for ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ (Dhanbad WAS the rated once to be the filthiest).

Official Srijan Website

Three days is all that Srijan endures for, packed with loads of fun. It radiates energetic vibes which participants amplify. Lodging for external participants is well taken care and hospitality of IIT Dhanbad never leave speculation of discomfort among them.


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