JoSAA Notice on suspension of JEE Advanced & Mains Counseling

Official Notice by JoSAA

Beautiful Friday and the sudden crash of news entitled by newspaper headlines as “Counseling process on Halt by Decision from Honorable Supreme Court of India”. This is very high time for students who were perplexed by the strange course of the counseling process. Every student’s gasping breath hailed from plea by an aspirant “Aishwarya Agarwal” who said it hurted her basic rights.



Counseling process suspended on July 7, 2017

Over 30,000 aspirants of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced aspirants have accepted seats over many government funded technological universities. JoSAA counseling is suspended by supreme court’s decision on stay to the middle of counseling process whereby many students were left in despair. Supreme Courts decision stays until next hearing on July 10. Students were startled by the course of action of two students who were themselves JEE aspirants.

As directed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India on 7th July 2017, admission and counseling process for JEE (Advanced) 2017 has been suspended till further orders.


Root of the problem

On June 30, a petition was filed challenging Indian Institute of Technology’s decision to grant grace marks to all students. There was misprinted questions in Hindi version of both papers in JEE Advanced. IIT Madras decided to give grace marks which totaled over 18 marks to all appeared candidates! IIT Madras was in gray area ever since they rolled out that decision. Two students who challenged the decision said the decision to be unjust by giving grace marks to everyone who didn’t even attempted the question. IITM’s decision to give 18 marks as the bonus to all students for three ‘ambiguous’ questions asked in the JEE (Advanced) held on May 21 is just.


Plausible Solutions

IIT Madras decision was fair and JEE Advanced committee had been practicing it over the years. But, on one hand appealing students also have a fair point to make, 18 marks can make difference in rankings by thousands. IITs had no option to suffice the mistakes that were in the paper apart from giving bonus marks to every aspirants. Bonus marks had to given to the candidates who opted Hindi version because of the mistakes in paper. Had given the bonus marks to those candidates would agonize the English version candidates. Hence, the decision made by IIT Council was justified in the supreme court by them. This was a very complex decision by supreme court because Council already claimed that over 30,000 students have already accepted seats and disrupting the process will bear catastrophic situations with it.

According to the pleading party, JEE Advanced scores must be rectified by giving bonus marks to students who have attempted the questions. This will result to changing of the rank list, thereby upsetting the counseling process to square one. They also suggested to re-conduct examination and preparing new merit list.


Supreme courts faces plea by aspirants every year relating to issues of JEE Advanced counseling and rank list. The drastic outcome of the plea affected thousands of the students this year. Entertaining to these issues in seat allotment process Supreme Court also made their final decision by retaining High Courts from prosecuting these counseling related issues. This decision was made to avoid disrupt in the seat allotment process in future years. Sounds unfair to few but this is the reality to avoid lunatics from hampering counseling process.

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manoj · August 12, 2017 at 18:01

it was a high level merit scam by iit madras

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